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How did it all begin?

Modestone® notepads are a result of long-lasting product development. The idea of waterproof notepads started while Kalle Kinnunen was serving in Finnish Defence Forces and his important notes from NCO School were destroyed by water.


The first challenge was to find a perfect material for the pages and the Modestone® paper was the utmost best option. It withstands water and grease, doesn't tear easily and won't get eaten by insects.


Modestone® paper has another amazing feature: it allows you to write on it with an old key or even with a bullet. This feature allows you to write in tight spots without a pen.


Modestone® paper is also an eco-friendly choice. The paper is made from 80% CaCo3 and 20% HDPE.


Production of 1 ton of Modestone paper (vs. producing 1 ton of traditional pulp paper) brings the following savings:

  • A lower amount of carbon is emissioned

  • 7480 gallons of fresh water is saved

  • reduction of CO2 release

  • 19.05 Kg water-borne waste not produced

  • 107.05 Kg of atmospheric emissions eliminated

  • 6 million BTU's energy not consumed

  • 20 trees are not cut down

Figures provided by Environmental Defense Center

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